Mormon daddy blogs

Heard of the Mormon Mommy Blog phenomenon? Well I’m here to tell you about the next big blogging push: the Mormon Daddy Blogs!

I was so excited to bookmark the new aggregator, which is dedicated to pulling together the best posts from fathers who, as Dennis A., the founder of, explains “weren’t necessarily blogging about theology (not that there’s anything wrong with that – it’s just that there are already plenty of those out there) or politics (ditto), but instead were just blogging about our imperfect efforts to keep food on the table while keeping our faith and keeping our families together. None of which is an easy trick these days.”

Scrolling through the link list of Mormon daddy blogs, you’ll find professionals, actors, musicians, writers, travelers, teachers, scientists, comedians and so much more. The site is well-organized with a section on videos, a recent blog roll list and featured blog posts.

So check it out, and pass the word about the Mormon Daddy Blog phenomenon. Or, if you’re a Mormon daddy who blogs, join up! If not, perhaps like me, you’ll find many new blogging dads whom you’ll now want to follow.

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