Mormon leader praises Islamic contributions to western civilization

Barry Smith, president of the Texas Dallas Mormon Mission, lauded the contributions of Muslims to Western civilization before an enthralled audience at the 2nd Annual Ummah Awards. President Smith declared that it was “through Muhammad that truths were brought to earth for all of mankind.” This declaration became a rallying cry that took on the cadence of a mantra prayer as he said over and over again that “a great light and truth came through the Prophet Muhammad.”

He surveyed briefly the history of the Islamic religion and placed it within the context of Western civilization which was entering the Dark Ages when the Prophet Muhammad began to receive the revelations which would become the content of the Holy Qur'aan. This was a “time of great apostasy” lectured Smith. He quoted from Genesis 12, 15:5, and 16 and showed how the coming of the Prophet Muhammad was in fulfillment of Scripture and God's promises to Hagar and Ishmael.
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