Mormon lore played big role in Utah Senate race

Mormon doctrine and its relationship to political ideology wafted heavily over the Senate Republican primary race this year, with seemingly coded messages to the LDS faithful.

The playing of the Mormon card worked both for and against eventual GOP nominee Mike Lee because of his campaign message of getting back to the founders’ intent when they wrote the Constitution and the reverential way the campaign touted that mission.

Mormons believe the U.S. Constitution was divinely inspired, that it eventually will hang by a thread and then be saved by a righteous messenger. So Lee’s message that he is needed in Washington to save the Constitution from the direction the Supreme Court and Congress supposedly have taken it since the 1930s has invited both passionate support and derision.

The Lee campaign complained, justifiably, about Facebook and blog posts that cited Mormon scripture in relation to the campaign with the alleged intent of making Lee look like a religious fanatic, or one trying to take advantage of the church for political purposes.

The identities of many of those who made the posts were often impossible to discern and Lee supporters claimed they were done by enemies of the campaign.

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