Mormon moms use talent to sing, inspire at 'Time Out'

It was a first for Brooke Stone, Soni Muller and Whitney Permann.

The Mercy River trio were presenting at their first Time Out for Women event last month.

"We were really nervous and the women were so sweet," Stone said. "It was a lot of fun."

"I was sitting there in the audience watching the whole event and I'm thinking 'what and I doing here? I'm not one of those presenters,'" Permann added. "I was learning so much."

Then it was their turn to sing and share.

"A big part of our message is it's a great time to be a woman," Permann said. "It's hard to be a woman and it's hard to be a mom, but it's also so rewarding and so satisfying and so fun. ... We want women to feel uplifted and feel refreshed and renewed and encouraged."

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