FAQ: Political Parties

We’ve explored a few of the profiles’ answers to tough questions on polygamy and women & the priesthood. Today let’s take a look at another topic not suitable for dinner conversation: politics!

Here’s the question members were asked: Does the Mormon church endorse political parties?

This is the church’s official party line that was posted on the site:

The Church has made the following public statement on multiple occasions prior to major elections: “Principles compatible with the gospel are found in the platforms of all major political parties. While the Church does not endorse political candidates, platforms, or parties, members are urged to be full participants in political, governmental, and community affairs.”

Here are some of the member profile answers I liked best:

* No. Most of these were basically a recitation of the same statement that’s read over the pulpit regularly. So, there’s clarity and consistency of message.

* “No. The church does not endorse political parties. The church believes in free agency, and let’s its members decide which political party to join on their own.” I like the shout out to free agency.

* “No, THANKFULLY. I don’t believe any political party has the corner on morality.” My favorite simple “no” answer.

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