Mormon politicians enter the fray

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appears to be ahead of his GOP challenger in the latest political poll. At the same time, a poll says Sarah Palin is more popular among voters than Mitt Romney while advisors for each take anonymous swipes at the other's campaign.

Nevada's coverage of the U.S. Senate race between Reid and the GOP candidate, Sharron Angle, has turned on religious beliefs. Interestingly, it's not Reid's Mormonism that's gaining attention but Angle's beliefs. Angle, who has shunned interviews (and even simple questions) from most reporters, did an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network where she explains her bid for senate as a religious calling.

"When God calls you, he also equips you and he doesn't just say, 'Well, today you're going to run against Harry Reid. There is a preparation. Moses had his preparatory time. Paul had his preparatory time. Even Jesus had his preparatory time, and so my preparation began on a school board'." The Las Vegas Sun takes a lengthy look at Angle's religious background. Reid now appears to be leading Angle in the polls. The The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported July 16: "The Mason-Dixon poll showed that if the general election were held now, Reid would win 44 percent to 37 percent for Angle. Ten percent were undecided, 5 percent would choose 'none of these candidates,' and the remaining 4 percent would pick another candidate on the ballot."

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