Mormon scientists do have competency on Book of Mormon DNA

As I conclude my discussion about how critics have approached DNA and the Book of Mormon, I want to point out that while I'm personally not a geneticist, I rely on the writings of those who really are experts in the field.

Some critics have claimed that real scientists -- by which, of course, they mean "non-Mormon scientists" -- wouldn't agree with LDS scientists on their approach to the DNA issues. The quotes from non-LDS scholars in a previous installment successfully refute this accusation.

Ironically, few critics who have engaged the DNA issue have advanced degrees commensurate with this particular topic. I'm aware of only two such critics. One is a biologist with advanced training in plant genetics (and he admitted in his writings that DNA science wouldn't refute the Book of Mormon if we theorize a small incursion of people into a larger population); the other is an anthropologist. Conversely, there are several LDS scientists with training in DNA studies, particularly population genetics, who have weighed in on the topic.

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