Mormon stand-ups keep their humor clean

Ask a Mormon to describe his or her favorite comedian's humor and you're bound to hear the phrase "really clean" at least once.

"Clean" is usually requisite for LDS audiences, but for some Mormon comics, being clean isn't so much a concerted effort as it is an inherent part of their humor. It's not about taking a vulgar routine and consciously cutting out all the lowbrow material.

For comedians like Ryan Hamilton, a comic from Idaho now living and performing in New York City, being clean is as simple as telling the jokes he finds funny.

Hamilton, who was a semifinalist on NBC's "Last Comic Standing," said he tries to be authentic and true to himself when he comes up with his mix of observational, energized comedy.

"For me, it doesn't feel like I'm changing myself as a person, or making concessions. ... I talk about whatever I think is funny," he said. "I don't think of a (vulgar) joke and go 'Oh, I can't do that.' ... It just doesn't come up when I'm writing."

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