Mormonism’s best bad movie

The competition’s tough, but “The Home Teachers” is Mormonism’s Best Worst Movie!

After watching “Best Worst Movie,” the film homage to the deliriously bad “Troll 2,” I got to thinking: What is the best worst LDS movie — the one so bad that it makes you squirm but you still like enough to put in the DVD player a couple of times a year?

The battle’s fierce. Among the contenders are:

• “Book of Mormon Movie,” where the actors’ age with salt n pepper hair but no facial lines.

• “Charly” where viewers wish star Heather Beers would reject all the dreary men in her life.

• “Beauty and the Beast,” where bad acting is mixed with cinematography and sets more often used in soft-core porn.

• And “The RM,” where love occurs in a montage with bad music.

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