Mormons Believe in Community

“How do you know so many people already?”

I have been asked this question many times since moving a few weeks ago. My neighbors are astounded at the amount of friendly traffic that comes through our door. We had visitors bringing in meals every other night because of the move and because we’d just had a baby. I had already established a carpool buddy for school and host regular play dates for my kids. We quickly found local reliable babysitters and have settled into a congregation to attend every Sunday. My new neighbors, who are extraordinarily friendly themselves, have been astounded at how fast we have acclimated to our new environment.

What’s the secret to my moving success? I’m Mormon.

Prior to moving from our old home we contacted our new congregation to let them know we were coming. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are organized into assigned congregations based on geographical locations, called wards. We found out the name and phone number of our new local leaders and let them know when our first week at our new ward would be. We were quickly welcomed by friendly emails and offers to help us move into our new home.

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