Mormons Lend Meetinghouse to Jewish Congregation for One Year

When the Shir-Ha-Ma’alot Jewish congregation was in need of a place to worship, this LDS stake had the solution. 

After meeting for a year in an LDS stake center, the Shir-Ha-Ma’alot Jewish congregation listened to a Shabbat service sermon by Rabbi Richard Steinberg titled, “What We Have Learned from Our Friends.”

The Oct. 13 service was the last time the Jewish group would meet at the Church’s Irvine California Stake Center. Members of the stake were invited by the rabbi to join the evening’s service. More than 200 Jews and Mormons met together. Those in attendance welcomed each other with expressions of gratitude, handshakes and Shabbat greetings.

A year before, leaders of the synagogue were looking for a place to worship while their building was being renovated. President Tait Eyre of the Irvine stake heard the Jewish congregation was in need and offered the meetinghouse as an option.

Lead image from the Deseret News
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