Mormons and Catholics join forces

* Comment is free * Cif belief Mormons and Catholics join forces A US cardinal has been talking up Mormon-Catholic relations. It's conservatism, rather than theology, that brings them together * Digg it * Buzz up * Share on facebook * Tweet this * Comments (15) * Riazat Butt * o Riazat Butt o, Friday 26 February 2010 15.31 GMT o Article history Francis Eugene George is not just a cardinal. He is also president of the United States conference of catholic bishops and sets the tone and direction for church policy and position in the country. His comments, therefore, on the positive attributes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), more commonly known as Mormons, seem surprising given the enormous theological and demographic differences between the two groups. Or do his words herald a spirit of co-operation among disparate religious movements in the fight against secularism?

Last Tuesday, in a speech called Catholics and Latter-day Saints: partners in the defence of religious freedom, he told an audience that Catholics and Mormons must stand together as a "vital bulwark" against those who wanted to "reduce religion to a purely private reality". The LDS church has proved its mettle in contentious areas.

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