Mormons and Extraterrestrials

It has been reported that Mormons may be the strongest religious believers in Extraterrestrials[pdf] according to a recent survey. Of course, this doesn't include New Wave or UFO religions that have Aliens as a core doctrine. Scientology cannot exist without the idea of alien life at least having existed at one time. However, Mormonism focuses on the more traditional (although with unorthodox views) of G-d, Satan, Jesus, and Angels. The existence of Aliens doesn't form any central teachings or rituals; but it is strongly present.

There were 39 Mormons, 1 by paper and the rest by e-mail, out of 1325 people who responded. It asked various questions about belief in life on other worlds, but mostly if discovery of such life would be damaging to faith. As reported in a New Scientist article, few believe E.T. would damage their own faith, but a larger percent believe that wouldn't be the case for others.

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