Latter-day Saints and Hollywood: 40 Fascinating Facts

31. Toward the end of his time on the hit TV show NYPD Blue, actor Ricky Schroder joined the Church. 

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Richard Bartlett “Ricky” Schroder, Jr. debuted at age 9 in the hit film The Champ (1979). Ricky stayed in the limelight for many years, starring in the sitcom Silver Spoons as a youth. Later as an adult, he changed his name credit to “Rick” and appeared in main roles in the Lonesome Dove mini-series (1989) and the popular NYPD Blue television show before turning his main focus to directing. He joined the Church in 2000 and was baptized by his father-in-law.

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32. Latter-day Saint soap opera star Ellen Wheeler won two Daytime Emmy Awards. 

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Most famous for her work in soap operas, Ellen Wheeler was born in Hollywood but grew up in Cedar City, Utah. She was raised Mormon and held on to her religious faith throughout her career. Her roles as Marley and Vicky Love on Another World earned her a Daytime Award Emmy for Outstanding Ingénue in a Drama Series. Later, in 1986, her work in All My Children as Cindy Parker Chandler, one of the first characters on daytime television with AIDS, earned her another Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. She moved on to the role of director in the 1990s and was the executive producer of Guiding Light from 2004 until the show’s cancellation in 2009.

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