Latter-day Saints and Masons: 5 Fascinating Connections

4. There are similarities between the Masonic and temple ordinances. However, the relationship between the two should not be oversimplified or overstated.

“Some people reason that Joseph Smith initiated men and women into the endowment ordinances after he was initiated into Freemasonry; therefore, the temple rituals derived from Masonry. One problem in this theory is that Freemasonry itself borrowed much of its ritual and ceremony from elements preserved since antiquity,” Harper explains in his essay “Freemasonry and the LDS Temple Endowment,” as found in A Reason for Faith.

He continues, “It may be that some ritual forms were adapted from Masonic traditions, but the endowment teaches a divine plan of creation, Fall, and redemption through Christ—promising those who covenant to keep God’s laws that they will gain power over the effects of the Fall.”

Similarly, Brown writes, “And there was no mistaking that there were some resemblances between the two rituals for, as Heber C. Kimball wrote just a month after being endowed, ‘There is a similarity of Priesthood in Masonry. And yet, no incredulous cry about bootlegging or fraud rang out from this group against the Prophet.’”

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