Mormons can learn from other faiths

LDS general conference is a week away. So this week, many of us will be reminiscing -- remembering favorite talks and moments from conferences gone by.

And for me -- right now -- the most memorable talk was the one delivered by President James E. Faust in April 2007.

He spoke about the Amish.

Later, President Gordon B. Hinckley singled out that talk for special mention.

President Faust told of the infamous slaughter of the innocents in Amish country. A troubled man, you may recall, held 10 Amish girls hostage in a schoolhouse. He ended up killing five of them and wounding the others. It was likely the darkest day in history for the dark-clad Amish.

But President Faust noted, "This shocking violence caused great anguish among the Amish, but no anger. There was hurt but no hate. Their forgiveness was immediate. Collectively, they began to reach out to the milkman's suffering family."

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