Mormons in Space: 4 Fascinating Firsts

First Latter-day Saint Manager of the Space Shuttle

Mormons in Space

Picture of the Space Station retrieved from esa.int

As far back as he can remember, Ron Dittemore has been intrigued by the concept of spaceflight.  Though born in New York in 1952, Dittemore spent most of his childhood out west discovering his passion for golf and space exploration.  After graduating from the University of Washington in aeronautical and astronautical engineering, Dittemore discovered another passion as energetic and “electric” as his love of space: his faith in God.  Dittemore was baptized as a member of the LDS Church at the age of 23.  Since then, he has lived a life devoted to discovering more about the mysteries of God through space travel.  

In his over a quarter-century career with NASA beginning in 1977, Dittemore has served as a director on 11 space shuttle missions and deputy assistant director of the Space Station Program.  In 1999, he assumed the position of manager of the Space Shuttle Program, a position he held for four years.  A proud father of two and a faithful Latter-day Saint, Dittemore’s life has helped many to better understand the awe-inspiring and celestial nature of God’s creations. 

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