Mother Daughter "Part of a Wonderful Bunch" Activity

This Mother daughter Activity was one of my favorites! The Theme was centered around the Family Proclamation, titled "Part of a Wonderful Bunch!" We first had a prep activity the week before the actual activity where the girls made invitations, made letters, and were filmed for their part of a movie we made, "A-Z in the Family Proclamation." You can find a copy of the ABC quotes for the family proclamation at www.beinglds.blogspot.com Both Mothers and daughters read a part of the proclamation with their letter and then I pieced it together to one movie and we showed the film on the evening of our activity. It was fun but took some work!

We also asked each girl to tell us a famous "quote" or "saying" their mother uses often. Some of the answers included "this place is a pig sty!", and "believe in possibilities". I wish I could remember more. We had the girls guess who said what the night of the activity.

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