Mountain Blue: Meet The Band

What do you get when you cross Bluegrass, Southern Gospel, and A’Cappella harmony with a handful of talented Mormon musicians living in Utah? The answer is Mountain Blue, a powerful vocal group with a unique sound, contagious melodies, and wide audience appeal!

MormonSoprano recently caught up with the busy singers for an online Q&A. The band not only answered our questions, they graciously shared all of the photos and audio clips used for this article. Two new MoSop Movies featuring Mountain Blue music are included in this post for your listening pleasure which highlight the quartet’s exceptional versatility!

MoSop: How did the band get started?

TODD: The quartet began in the fall of 2003 when Adam Monteith and Karen Magleby, both choir directors at Brigham Young University, conceived of the idea of doing bluegrass music a cappella, more or less as a joke to see if they could draw some attention away from all the pop groups on campus at the semi-annual a cappella jam. I was walking out of Men’s Chorus one day and saw them singing in the middle of Brigham Square. I knew Karen from my ward. Adam said all I had to do was speak and he knew we would blend well together. I sight read a song by Blue Highway called “Someday” and they called up their previous two Baritones and told them they had found someone for the quartet, and so I was in from the beginning. Easiest audition I’ve ever had! I’ve been a member for about 6 1/2 years now.

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