Mountain Meadows affidavit Hofmann forgery?

Mormon bomber Mark Hofmann’s calling card has popped up again, signaling that the forger’s handiwork may be more widespread than previously believed.

But this time, instead of bogus documents surrounding the origins of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, an embarrassing affidavit on the Mountain Meadows Massacre has surfaced.

Just shy of the 25th anniversary of Hofmann’s deadly Salt Lake City-area bombing spree, a written record quoted by historians has become the focus of an investigation.

“The 1924 William Edwards affidavit” seems to give insights into the 1857 attack by Mormon settlers and American Indians in southern Utah that resulted in the deaths of 120 men, women and children in an Arkansas wagon train. The paper was tied to Hofmann two years before the admitted forger killed Steven Christensen and Kathleen Sheets in separate 1985 bombings.

A probe by two historians for the LDS Church paints the document as a forgery. But not everyone is convinced.

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