Movie Review: Money Or Mission (B)

“So,” thinks Patrick Gill, the main character of Money or Mission, “should I choose money or a Church mission?”

Given that Money or Mission is a Church film, which do YOU think he is going to choose in the end?

Yes, admittedly there isn’t a lot of suspense in the question posed in the title. Still, Money or Mission — a 33 minute dramatization of an article of the same name from the October 2005 Ensign – is a decent short film, and a good resource for a Family Home Evening lesson or other such venue.

It’s 2001. 18-year-old Patrick Gill has just graduated from high school and is stretching his “adult” legs for the first time. He has a few months before he turns 19 and (presumably) starts his mission service, and mostly spends his time developing his skateboarding skills with friends. When an opportunity to become the manager of a local skate shop arises, Patrick jumps at the chance. As he explains to his parents, working for those few months before his birthday he can earn good money. Or perhaps he might delay his mission start time a little and earn even more money — he’s supposed to be paying his own way in the mission field anyway, right?

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