Movie Review: Rescued (C)

Released direct-to-DVD in 2008, Rescued (IMDB) intends for its title to have a double meaning: referring to both a ‘stranded on a desert island’ story and a take on one young woman’s spiritual progression. Does either half of this dual theme have anything to recommend to discriminating LDS viewers?

Megan is a twenty-something working professional with a good job in a large office. She’s LDS, but teetering on the edge of inactivity. She admires her supervisor from a distance, the handsome and successful Mark, and jumps at the chance to accompany him on a business trip to Indonesia. Also along for the trip is coworker Chris, a Latter-Day Saint from Megan’s local ward who harbors a secret crush on her.

After their plane crashes, the three of them find themselves on a deserted island with no food, clothes, nor means of calling for help. (Chris notes helpfully that Indonesia has over 17,000 islands.) As you might surmise given the castaways’ gender pairing (and the secret and not-so-secret crushes between them) their survival efforts are complicated by a love-triangle, with Megan having to choose between the solid and dependable Chris, and the dashing and charismatic Mark.

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