Musicals and the Church’s Work in Africa

I find it interesting that the new Broadway show THE BOOK OF MORMON throws a freshfaced missionary into Uganda, where the setting is supposed to show the ludicrousness of mormon faith and idealism when confronted with the hellish realities of man’s cruelties to man.

The reality is that Mormons are already in Uganda, and we’re doing just fine, thanks.

The Church has a new microsite in the LDS Newsroom on its presence in Africa, focusing on its humanitarian operations and on the growth of calculations. There are more than 7,000 members in Uganda, and local clean water initiatives sponsored by the Church have brought clean water to almost a million people (very interesting infographic here). It would be an overstatement to say that the Church is flourishing wildly, but it would be a similar mistake to assume, as have Parker and Stone, that sub-Saharan Africa presents an easy way to counter the naivete and optimism of Latter-day Saints. God hasn’t forgotten Africa.

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