Musician shares talent and faith

Dan Truman does not live a mainstream Mormon lifestyle.

Sure, he graduated from BYU, goes to church on Sundays, has a family and children who have served missions, but he also happens to play the piano in the hit country music band Diamond Rio.

However, the music chart-topping success that the band has had in the last 26 years didn't come without extensive traveling, hard work and compromising situations.

Using his Mormon faith to guide him through his successes, Truman now passes along important lessons, advice and experiences with his sons who are emerging into the entertainment business with their band, "Truman."

"Music and entertainment don't set themselves up for a traditional family or LDS lifestyle," Truman said. "Once you make it in the 'big leagues,' there are no laws. Everyone comes to you and offers you free drugs, free women and free passes to everything in life. They think you are above the law."

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