My Army

I sit here in front of an old, failing computer, trying to come up with witty sentence structures and complete paragraph topics that might actually catch the attention of the random “Mormon Mommy” who happens across my badly written article. All I can think about is the Styx song playing on my mp3 [Come Sail Away, by the way. Brilliant] and the new "Office" season [which is way too far away], and I realize that I’m not really sure I, a sixteen year old junior, could really write anything here of importance.

I read over previous posts posted by actual Mormon Mommies for some assistance, and I see that most of you have written about your children, or hilarious social experiences, or amazing service opportunities. I don’t have children, or social experiences [seeing as I’m as anti-social as they come], and my service opportunities extend to painting wooden toys for under-privileged children at Youth Conference and picking up garbage on a highway.

Which is where I see: I’m still a young lady [not a kid, thank you]. My writing skills [though I love to write very much] aren’t as artistic and great as some of yours because you’ve probably been writing longer than I’ve been alive [which is a good thing, I promise], and I don’t have half the experiences any of you do to actually write about… and frankly, I’m completely lame. And in total honesty, I’m a little different from other teenage girls and guys my age.

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