My Family Isn’t Perfect, and I’m Perfectly fine with That

How many of you can relate to this:

"I considered all the dear friends we’ve known at church whose children look like they were clipped out of a religious fashion magazine. . . Meanwhile, my wife and I have spent years praying all my kids have shoes on. And pants."

Read more from best-selling author Jason F. Wright about the struggles of trying to work toward a perfect family and the ups, downs, and adventures that result.

A few weeks ago, I was blessed to spend the afternoon with an elderly couple that’s been married more years than I’ve been alive. Their rich love and sweet respect for one another is palpable. It fills their home like the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies that never cool.

I savored the delicious time with my new friends.

In reverential tones, as if hunched over and whispering from the front pew of church, they revealed that over more than half a century together, they’ve never had a significant argument. Their children cannot remember a single memory of mother raising her voice or dad losing his head.

Lead image from Jason F. Wright.
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