My First New Beginnings

by | Feb. 23, 2010

Lesson Helps

OK, so this may be too late to help any of you, but I thought I'd post it nonetheless. Our New Beginnings isn't until next week, what with the change in presidencies and everything, and we've finally got everything planned enough for me to share.

First of all, prior to being in charge of the night, I could not have told you the difference between New Beginnings and YW in Excellence other than the time of year it was held, and that incoming Beehives come to New Beginnings. It always seemed like we were covering the same stuff over and over again. So I poured over the handbooks and realized that New Beginnings is easy. Seriously, it's a night that practically plans itself.

New Beginnings is an introduction to the entire YW program. It's a chance for you to explain things to the incoming Beehives, refresh things for the parents, and talk about important events coming up in the year. So in your hour, hour and a half, long program, you have to explain the different classes with symbols and statements of purpose, Personal Progress, the YW theme, the 2010 Mutual theme, Girls camp, Youth Conference, blah blah blah. Once I put in everything we needed to talk about, there was only five minutes for each topic. How people fit in elaborate skits I have no idea.

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