My God-Fearing Liar

So, I didn’t really teach any of my children to lie. I mean, what mother would do such a thing on purpose? And yet, because kids will be kids, they've all figured out what it is to tell a tall tale. All lies, however, are not created equal.

My oldest, for example, is hands down, the worst liar I have ever known. He turns bright red and a sheepish grin inches over his face, while he nods his head excessively. As soon as you call him on it, which isn't hard to do when he gives so many obvious clues, he caves. "Okay, you're right. I did it!"

Child number 2, on the other hand has no problem telling a lie. The only trouble for her is that she doesn't ever temper the outrageousness of her claims. She's just as easily caught as her brother. Try as she might to convince me, I’m not prone to believe that she cannot find her shoes because an alien spaceship flew into her room and took them right off her feet and there just wasn’t anything she could do about it.

And then there’s kid number 3. He's the one I worry about.

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