My Longing for the Simple Life: Is Less Really More?

It’s not that I believe my life is overly complicated. In fact, it's simple in many ways. And yet, I have this strong desire to bring simplification everywhere I turn.

When the kiddos and I are cleaning up, I desperately believe that we have too many toys. When I am doing household chores, I ask myself, “Do we really need all of this space?” And “How much stuff does one person or 5 people, really need, or use regularly?”

Maybe my desire for less stuff comes from all the time I spent living in Europe and traveling to various parts of the world where they live with less and are satisfied. Or maybe it is from reflecting upon the economic situation our society has created.

Like many of you, we are on a budget. Really, we always have been, but lately we are more committed, and have been more successful these past few months. The result? I keep thinking about Julie Beck’s Mothers Who Know talk.

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