My Twisted Sister

A few years ago when I was Relief Society President, we started out meetings with a scripture, preferably one in which a woman featured. Here’s one of my faves.

It’s found in Luke 13:10-17. Jesus is teaching in the synagogue on a Sabbath. In the crowd is a woman who has been debilitated with pain and a crippling sickness for 18 years. She’s all bent over and can’t even lift herself upright. Jesus calls her to him and she comes. He says, “Woman, you are loosed from your infirmity. He puts his hands on her and she stands up straight and starts praising God. The ruler of the synagogue is in a snit because Jesus is “working” (that is, healing) on the Sabbath which isn’t allowed according to their rules. Jesus puts him in his place by pointing out that it’s ok to untie and lead livestock to water on the Sabbath so why shouldn’t this Daughter of Abraham be loosed from her bonds on the Sabbath? (Take that, you hypocrite.) The crowd is overjoyed and praises this and other wonderful deeds done by Jesus.

It’s no huge surprise that the woman’s name isn’t mentioned. So it goes with our foundational scriptures much of the time (alas). But in this crowd, Jesus noticed her and pointed her out and called her to him. Maybe she was hard to miss, what with the hunched back and all. Or maybe she was a regular attendee, one of the invisible matrons folks tend to ignore or lump together.

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