My World Is Crying For A Christmas

Today is hospital Day 30 for daughter-A. She made some great progress a week ago, but then suffered some devastating set-backs. This frustrating illness just doesn’t want to play fair, or let go! After 30 days and nights laying in a hospital bed, eating hospital food, looking at drab hospital walls, and dealing with the endless hospital routines; doctors, nurses, tests, machines – both she, and our family, are pretty much worn out. We are ready for this to end. We wish she could instantly be restored to health, and life would go back to “normal.”

But, when life doesn’t go the way we wish, then what? The “faithful person” answer is that this becomes an opportunity to look for what can be learned from the experience, a chance to watch for the small tender mercies, counting all the positive things, and trying to be patient, “waiting on the Lord.”

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