My favorite conference talk so far

It’s early on the morning before Sunday conference, but I wanted to share with you a wonderful experience during Elder Yoon Hwan Choi’s talk during the priesthood session last night.Elder Choi told of a group of young men in Korea who were “rowdy” non-members who liked to hang around the chapel and cause trouble. Elder Choi decided to invite them to his house, despite some reservations from his wife, who worried about their influence on the couples’ younger boys. Elder Choi prayed how to help the young men, and was told he needed to help them by preparing them to become missionaries. He kept on interacting with them and over time the rowdy young men became Church members.

“They changed from rowdy boys to stripling warriors,” Elder Choi said. They went on missions, returned, formed a choral group, married in the temple and had children, all of whom are active in the growing church in South Korea. Elder Choi’s decision to help these young men has led to 45 active church members, if you include the men, their wives and their children. And now the “rowdy boys” are teaching their sons and the other young men how to behave correctly, especially to attend Church meetings.

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