NFL rookie Austin Collie "knows he might be boring"

by | Jan. 21, 2010

Saints & Sports

Half the guys were asleep, wiped out after a wild shootout that kept their perfect season intact, when Peyton Manning stumbled upon the rookie wide receiver a few seats away on the team charter.

At 2 in the morning, a couple hours after the Colts’ 35-31 victory in Jacksonville last month, the greatest quarterback of this generation wondered why Austin Collie was wide awake, staring at his phone.

"What are you watching?" Manning asked.

"Just some Wes Welker film," Collie answered.

Manning, who never met a game tape he didn’t like, shook his head.

"He said it like, ‘I’m just watching Seinfeld,’" Manning said. "He wasn’t doing it for anybody to see it. I just happened to see it."

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