NPR: Glenn Beck--reading between the coded lines

When Jon Stewart famously parodied Glenn Beck earlier this year, the Comedy Central host zeroed in on the ways Beck sees hidden meanings or conspiracies in the policies or statements of his political targets. 

Stewart stood before a Beck-sized chalkboard with the word "libertarian" written in big block letters.  

"Lie! Lie! Lie!" Stewart yelled, pointing to the first syllable of the word. "Who's doing the lying? Tell me, word on the board!"  

Stewart paused dramatically. He turned to the board and circled the last two syllables of li-bert-arian. "Aryans!" he yelled.  

Now, in a new book, it's Glenn Beck's words that are being culled by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank.

One of the trademark Beck lines that Milbank deconstructs is "the Constitution is hanging by a thread."
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