NY Times: Mormonism and Glenn Beck's Tears

On the site Religion Dispatches, Joanna Brooks (raised an orthodox Mormon) says it was Glenn Beck’s 1990s turn from alcoholism and conversion to Mormonism that put him on the road from “morning zoo” radio prankster to self-confessional conservative media heavyweight. And Mormonism explains much of what is seen on his Fox show, she says.

“Spiritual narratives of the I-once-was-lost-now-I-am-financially-sound variety are commonplace within Mormonism, which, like most of American Protestantism, has never been allergic to wealth,” she writes.

Beck promotes ideas of the late archconservative Brigham Young professor Cleon Skousen, she notes. And Beck’s faith could also inform his “Founding Father worship,” she writes, for the view of the Founders and the Constitution as divinely inspired “are often-declared elements of orthodox belief” within Mormonism.

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