Nauvoo Pageant a 'family mission' experience

It's late Saturday night in Nauvoo in the thick of pageant season.

That means it's the final night of performances for a company of actors comprised mostly of family groups who come to this historical Mormon town as volunteers to help stage the Nauvoo Pageant.

Read about the Nauvoo Pageant's costumes They'll turn in their costumes, which a dozen seamstresses will immediately begin altering for replacement cast members, who will begin arriving Sunday. The replacements spend a week rehearsing before it's their turn on stage, dovetailing with still another cast that has just finished its rehearsal week and will have a final dress rehearsal Monday before beginning a string of 20 performances Tuesday night.

For the cast members, costumers and support crew, time spent in Nauvoo for the summer is described, from the top of the organization down, as a mission. Missions are part of life for Mormons, but being able to serve as a family is unique.

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