Navigating Attacks on Your Faith

by | May 27, 2014

Mormon Life

The day I hit the mission field, it was February 5th and the snow was going sideways instead of straight down. Three weeks before that I was surfing North side Pier in Oceanside wondering how I was going to pull off serving a mission. I never dreamed my first step into the mission field would be into a full blown blizzard.

I said to my first companion, “We’re going to hang out inside til this goes away… right?”

“Nah”…he said, “drop your bags and grab your scriptures” and into the storm we went.

The snow eventually stopped but the theological storm raged on. I spent ten and a half months in Grand Rapids Michigan, home of Calvin College and the Zondervan Press. Without explaining too much, I’ll just tell you that this city is not too fond of Mormon missionaries. 
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