Nevada candidate’s one-time pastor slams Mormons

The former pastor of Nevada Republican Senate-hopeful Sharron Angle has offered a scathing screed against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Mormon faith, calling it a cult with “kooky” beliefs and alleging the church employs a hit squad to “kill” its enemies.

In an interview with the Reno News & Review, the Rev. John Reed of Sonrise Church in Reno pulled no punches in slamming the faith.

“Harry Reid’s allegiance is to Salt Lake City,” Reed told the alternative weekly paper. “The Mormon church is rich, powerful, they do illegal things. They do secretive things.”

Reed, the pastor, went on to ask why no one questions the Senate leader about his faith’s undergarments, temple ceremonies and “the hit squad of the Mormon church and why they need people to kill Mormons that go against them.”

The pastor made similar comments to The Associated Press, including that Reid is beholden to LDS Church headquarters in Salt Lake City, not the American people.
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