New Family Search is all about families, temple work

For those who couldn't see the forest for the family trees, New FamilySearch provides some perspective. The Web site, launched in 2007 and rolled out to most members of the church over the past two years, is not a complicated heap of records. It's not a tool for doing original research. No censuses, Social Security death indexes or birth certificates.

What church members will find when they log on is a simple family tree and a focus on the reason Latter-day Saints do genealogy.

It's all about family relationships and temple work.

"New FamilySearch is where you can build your personal family tree and prepare names for temple ordinances," said Paul Nauta, public affairs manager for FamilySearch, a division of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The church's growing family history resources and efforts are constantly in the news, but not always connected with their ultimate purpose, Nauta said.

"Without temple work, we would not have the resources or direction or support that we have to build up the family history resources of the church," Nauta said. "They're all there to help members identify their ancestors and more simply and quickly be able to provide the blessings of the temple to their ancestors."

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