New Music Video "I Ask in Faith" Shares 2017 Youth Theme

Since the 2017 youth theme is "Ask in Faith," The Piano Gal and 13-year-old Layla Mackey teamed up to perform a song composed and written by Angie Killian. Surrounded by young women playing the violin and viola and accompanied by 14-year-old Sara Arkell on the piano, Layla sang the song, "I Ask in Faith," which she posted to her YouTube account.

Writer and composer Angie Killian shared her thoughts about the video on YouTube, writing the following:

"Most of the music I write is meant for children. I never intended to write a youth song this year, but sometimes the Lord has a different plan. As I sat down at the piano, my fingers spelled out the first four notes, and in my head, I heard, 'I Ask in Faith.' I had no idea where the song was going to go, but I knew what the song was about and the audience it was intended for; this was going to be a song for the 2017 youth theme, and it was going to be amazing. . . .
"Sometimes I write songs, and sometimes songs write themselves. I truly believe that this song was a gift, and I was nothing more than a scribe. I hope when you listen to the song, the Spirit touches you like it has for me. The Lord has a plan for even the smallest detail of our lives. He wants us to reach out to Him, and He is ready to pour down His blessing upon us."
Screenshot from YouTube.
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