New Poll Reveals Change in How Americans Feel About LDS Church

by | May 08, 2015

News from Utah


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The Huffington Post reports that in a recent canvas poll conducted by researchers at Centre College, many found they had a more favorable view of Mormonism after March's LGBT and Religious Freedom legislation in Utah. 

Here's a quick breakdown of the overall findings:

  • 30.4% of Americans were aware of the Church's involvement in the Utah LGBT/Religious Freedom legislation
  • Of those, 32.6% reported that those events led to a "more favorable" view of the Church (56.5% reported that it didn't change their view)
  • That means 9.5% of those surveyed were aware of the legislation and it gave them a more favorable view of the Church

The study also looked at the breakdown among more narrow groups, including other Protestants, theological moderates, modernists, Democrats, college graduates, and "younger individuals." All were generally more favorable towards the Church when they were aware of the recent Utah legislation.

Only two groups reported a less favorable view more frequently than a more favorable view: Republicans and theological traditionalists. 

Read more about the survey and its results at huffingtonpost.com

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