New Tabernacle Choir CD 'Heavensong' sings of spiritual bliss

Music is a tangible link between heaven and Earth. With its power to lighten and enlighten the mind and the soul, it can take us to a better place, Mormon Tabernacle Choir director Mack Wilberg says.

That's the reasoning behind the choir's newest CD release, called "Heavensong," which contains a variety of classical, spiritual and original compositions, including a collaboration between the choir and Grammy Award-winning musician, composer and producer David Foster.

"The original conception was to find music of contemplation and light," Wilberg says.

There seems to be a particular need for that kind of music in today's sometimes-harsh, sometimes-depressing world, he says. And music can be a powerful ally amid the turmoil.

But choosing the selections for the CD was an interesting experience, he says.

"I had a huge pile of music that I thought might fit. But some that I thought sure would be on it didn't make it, and some that I thought would probably not make it, did."

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