New Testament Lesson 38 (KD): Acts 21-28

Trying to catch up a little. I. Similarities The beginning of chapter 21 covers the end of Paul’s final missionary journey as Paul travels towards Jerusalem. Commentators have often pointed out similarities between Jesus’ final journey to Jerusalem and Paul’s final journey. For example, Ben Witherington outlines 4 main parallels[1]:

1. The Final journey in each case involves or is precipitated by a Jewish plot.

2. There is a handing over to or a falling into the hands of the Gentiles in Jerusalem.

3. There is a triple prediction of coming suffering (cf. Luke 9:22,44; 18:31-34 to Acts 20:22024; 21:4; 21:10-11).

4. There is in the end a resignation to God’s will in both cases

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