New Virtual Tour Lets You Visit Palmyra Without Leaving Your House

by | Sep. 25, 2014

News from Utah

A new, interactive website created by the Church makes it possible for members around the world to interact and immerse themselves in the sacred, historic sites of Palmyra, New York. 

Highlighting and interacive map of Palymra, in which visitors can "visit" sites from the Smith log cabin, the famous cooper shop where the plates were once hidden, to the Martin Harris farm and Alvin Smith's grave site. Each site on the map includes photographs and helpful information.

Other features include a beautifully crafted page telling the story of the First Vision with words and videos faccompanied by pictures and peaceful woodland sounds, as well as a similar story page about the process of receiving and translating the plates. 

This new website is a great way to share the story of the Restoration with your family, or experience it yourself in a more realistic way. In addition, LDS Media Talk reports the website will soon be available in over 10 languages and with additional sites marked.

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