New Water Filter Provides the Best Water in the Worst of Times

by | Nov. 09, 2010


During a natural disaster or national crisis life’s necessities quickly become luxuries. One of these necessities is water. Clean water has become an expected comfort and many of us wouldn’t know how to survive if it was no longer available. 

Luckily, we have been taught to prepare for such occasions. There are a number of products for water filtration, including the personal water filter called the HydroPack by Hydration Technology Innovations (HTI). It safely filters viruses, bacteria, protozoa and contaminants from almost any water source. 

The HydroPack water filter was developed by HTI using revolutionary forward osmosis technology. Many technologies produce safe fluids when used with clear water sources but become unreliable or impossible to use in turbid, dirty water. This is because these filtration technologies, such as hand pumps, can clog or break.

This new water filter provides purity that is comparable to expensive reverse osmosis equipment, but without the bulk and expense. Competing chemical technologies cannot penetrate the turbidity to kill the biological pathogens, and leave you with foul-tasting, contaminated water. In independent laboratory tests, HTI filters met or surpassed reductions for bacteria, viruses and cysts as specified by the EPA for water purifiers. They are easy-to-use and provide a great-tasting, electrolyte-enhanced drink.

Being prepared with HydroPack water filters provides confidence that no matter what circumstance you are in or what type of contaminated water source you are forced to deal with, you will be able to produce a clean, life-saving drink.

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