New college in Nevada to promote LDS values

by | May 19, 2010

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Beginning in the fall of 2012, high school graduates hoping to enjoy the values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in their college education will be able to attend a new school in Nevada.

While unaffiliated with the Church Educational System, Desert Valley College officials say it will promote LDS values, providing an alternative to Brigham Young University and the already established, privately run Southern Virginia University, which also maintains standards of conduct and a strict personal behavior code. The goal of the new school will be "to provide for an intensive learning experience in a stimulating setting where a commitment to excellence is expected and the full realization of human potential is pursued," according to executive director Rex Jensen.

"We are aware of a growing number of cases where LDS kids go to other colleges and end up becoming inactive or leaving the church or becoming less active and getting into difficulty with morality and with drugs," Jensen said. "The numbers are quite high for those who go to other schools." He said some students, specifically within the geographical area between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, would benefit from having an LDS faith-centered educational experience.

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