New youth website celebrates 100 years of Young Women Camp

by | Apr. 24, 2012

Everything Else

For Clarissa Johnson, a young woman in the Liberty Stake in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, camp was an exciting new adventure. She cooked, hiked, and swam during this weeklong activity. At the end of the camp, she wrote in her journal: “[And the girls went home] in the twilight sad and happy, sad to leave the camp and swimming, glad to be at home with loved ones, filled with joy and blissful memories, looking forward to the next year.”

The entry sounds like what any young woman today might say about camp, but Clarissa wrote her journal entry in 1912. Although much about Young Women camp has changed over the last 100 years, the same spirit Clarissa felt a century ago is still being felt by young women all over the world today.

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