Newsweek: The Mormon Church Supports Gay Rights...Wait, What?

The Mormon Church is supporting gay rights.

Sounds a little suspicious? That has been the read around the blog-o-sphere as of late, after the Church of Latter-Day Saints announced Wednesday that it would support a Salt Lake City ordinance barring housing and workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. Cue cynicism: "the Mormon Church views gays as worthwhile human beings in the workplace, but not in their own bedrooms. Got it," quipped a blogger at gay blog Queerty. Over at Seattle's alt-weekly: "No one is fooled: this "rare" action is an attempt to blunt charges of anti-gay the wake of Prop 8."

We know the Mormon Church does not agree with gay marriage--it adamantly opposes homosexuality. But writing off their support, which probably played some role in this legislation passing, is childish, willfully ignorant of how this law came to be and what it means. Like the fact that leaders of gay rights groups in Utah have, for the past two months, met secretly with LDS officials regarding the proposition. Or that this will actually make a difference in the lives of gay Salt Lake City residents.

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