No, I can't introduce you to Glenn Beck

Every single week someone writes, calls, texts, or flies an airplane banner over my home asking if I can facilitate an introduction to Glenn Beck.

The requests are typically based on the fact that Jason Wright is a Mormon, Glenn Beck is a Mormon, and I've been on his show. Naturally we must be BFFs, right?

Usually people wanting my access to Glenn have a new book coming out, a just-finished manuscript in search of a publisher, or maybe a line of cotton aprons with conservative slogans plastered on the front with a Bedazzler.

Other times they just want to say they've shaken his hand or talked to him on the phone. One "friend" even wanted me to invite Glenn to a surprise birthday party in Dallas. And by "friend" I mean we met on Facebook when he threw a sheep at me.

These requests come from all corners of the country. A woman in Virginia asked me to tell Glenn she prefers him in his blue sweater and to wear it more often. A man from Oregon suggested Glenn put a "cussin' jar" on the set to encourage him to keep his language under control.
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