No more excuses -- start attending baptismal services

My wife and I ran into a pair of Mormon missionaries on the subway earlier this week. When they learned that we were members of the Harlem First Ward, their eyes lit up.

"Did you go to your ward's baptism last Sunday?" one of the elders asked.

Fortunately, we were able to answer in the affirmative. We had attended the baptismal service for two firmly committed converts, one of whom we had gotten to know during our short time in the ward. But as we continued chatting with the elders, I thought about how easily my answer could have been different.

Annie and I had slept in that Sunday morning and rushed out the door without eating breakfast or lunch. We had forgotten that the baptism was to be held that day, and when church came to an end, we were both hungry. I'll admit that it seems a bit silly now, as I write this, that we considered skipping out on witnessing a life-changing covenant simply because we wanted a sandwich, but I tend to believe we're not the only ones who have felt that way.

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